LSNC Coaches

Coach Registration

All coaches are required to be registered with Netball Victoria before the start of each season. Coaches who are already registered to play for the club do not need to register again. The club covers the cost of registration for volunteer coaches.

Working with Children Checks

It is a requirement of WDNA, Netball Victoria and the Victorian State Government, that all coaches, Team Managers and Committee members have working with children checks.

Fill in players

If teams are short of players, registered coaches and Team Managers can use the Contact List to find the contact details of other Team Managers

Rules for fill-in players:

  • Fill in players can only be from sections graded below your own team.

  • The team can have a maximum of three fill in players

  • You can use players from outside the club as fill in players, but they must be NV registered and must not play for another club in the WDNA comp.

  • Each player can play a maximum of two games in any one day

  • Each individual player can fill in a maximum of four games during the winter season

  • You must add the fill-in player's name to the score card. On the front of the card, add the player to the list and enter their positions. On the back of the score card, write the players name and home team (if LSNC player). If not an LSNC member, write their NV registration ID

For full details of the fill in rules, as well as other rules and regulations, please refer to the WDNA By-Laws.

Forfeiting a game

If you need to forfeit a game, please email and before the Thursday prior to the game. Walkover notifications must reach WDNA by 7:30pm on the Thursday before the game.

Coaching resources

All coaches are encouraged to undertake the Netball Australia Foundation Coaching Course. The LSNC will cover the cost of the course.

Other resources

The club has a subscription to the Sportsplan site, where you can find a host of drills, training session plans and other info.