LSNC Team Managers

Team Managers are the link between the Lloyd Street Netball Club and the parents and players of the team. They also provide support to the coach.

Key responsibilities

  • Ensure all relevant information provided by the club is communicated to the players, their parents and the coach

  • Ensure all players are aware of the team’s training venue and time

  • Provide details of fixtures and advise players/parents of fixture changes when they occur

  • Organise a parent roster for game day duties such as scoring

  • Encourage the players/parents to contact you as early as possible when they are unable to participate in a match.

  • Contact other Team Managers to find fill-in players from a lower age group

  • Notify the Club Secretary and President on the Thursday before the game to organise a walkover, if there are insufficient players to form a team for a game

  • Assist in the submission of player registrations for the following season